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Mallika Sherawat is doing this to stay fit during lockdown

Mallika Sherawat

In today’s time, staying fit has become a very big requirement. Now actress Mallika Sherawat is making sure that she inspires her followers on social media about it. The actress regularly shares inspirational workout videos where she can be seen doing workouts as well as having a good time.

Mallika is very excited when it comes to doing yoga to keep herself fit. The actress has complete knowledge of Yoga. In her previous social media posts, the actress has shown some very complicated yoga poses.

In a recent post, Mallika is seen performing one of her favorite yoga poses. He captioned it, “The beginning of my day with a reclining posture is also known as Janu Shikhasana # Yoga.”

The best part is that Mallika mixes both weight training and yoga to keep herself fit. The interesting thing about Mallika Sherawat’s Yoga Post is that she always tells what she is doing and how it helps to keep our body fit.

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