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Malaika Arora looks sizzling hot in her shiny outfit in Georgia at the casino launch

Malaika Arora recently attended the opening of a casino in Batumi, Georgia. She posted a video of herself dancing to her hit song Munni Badnaam Hui at the launch ceremony. She stunned everyone as she looked absolutely stunning in her strapless, shimmering gown to the occasion.

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Malaika is known for her stylish appearance and fashion choices. She has said in her interviews how she is now more “experimental” in her fashion choices compared to what she used to be earlier.

Malaika previously discussed understanding what looks well on her and why she doesn’t care what other people think of her choices. In an interview, she previously told the publication, “A woman is always judged by the length of her skirt or the plunge of her neckline… I cannot live my life according to what people have to say about my hemline or my neckline. Dressing is a very personal choice. You may think a certain way but it may not be for me. I cannot dictate it to anybody and everybody. My personal choices should be my personal choices and vice-versa so I cannot sit in judgement and say, ‘Oh, why are you dressing a certain way?’.”

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“If I feel comfortable…and at the end of the day, I am not silly and stupid. I know what looks good on me, I know what doesn’t. If tomorrow, I feel it’s a tad bit too much, I am not going to. But again, that is my choice, nobody has the right to tell me that. If I am comfortable with my skin, with my body, with my age, then so be it. You have to fall in line, it’s as simple as that,” she added.

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