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Major Movie Review : Adivi Sesh delivers an action-packed & emotional tribute to our hero Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan

Major Movie Review

  • Film: Major
  • Director: Sashi Kiran Tikka
  • Cast: Adivi Sesh, Saiee Manjrekar, Murali Sharma, Prakash Raj and Revathi
  • Rating: ****


Major is a biopic about Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, who was killed in the Mumbai terror attacks of 26/11 in 2008. Sandeep’s childhood, his ambition to join the forces, his parents’ inhibitions, his love life, and finally, his elevation to the NSG as a Training officer and how he was martyred in the terror attacks are all depicted in the film.

Major Review

Major Review:

Major has flawless casting across the board. Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan was played superbly by Adivi Sesh. He immersed himself in the role. Whether it’s his body, army workouts, or the final mission, his dedication to the character is evident. In emotional passages involving his family and a girlfriend, he also performed a decent job. In the role of Sandeep’s girlfriend/wife, Saiee Manjrekar looks great. She has a restricted character, but she does a good job with it. Sobhitha Dhulipalla has a particular role as a hostage Pramoda Reddy, and she is excellent as always.

Prakash Raj finally gets a nice role after a long time and shines. He relates the story. Revathi does a good job, although it’s a minor part. In restricted roles, Murali Sharma as a commander and Anish Kuruvilla as a hotel manager work well.

There are pacing concerns at first, as filmmaker Sashi Kiran Tikka hurries through the young age segments. Although there is some evident difficulty and hurriedness, the main themes are clearly stated. These sections are required for the creation of Major Sandeep’s character art.

The operation in Taj is the second half. We saw Major Sandeep’s determination to save every single life. These sections have a lot of action. Until this moment, we receive a sense of resemblance to numerous previous 26/11 films. Sandeep’s sad parents and his farewell voyage are depicted in a highly heartbreaking scenario at the end of the film. Prakash Raj’s memorial discussions are quite effective. The major second half is quite effective. In the beginning, we get to see some fantastic action, followed by a really intense Pre-climax and Climax. It will take the audience on an emotional roller coaster and immerse them in Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s sacrifice, leaving their hearts heavy.

Major Verdict:

Major is a polished and larger-than-life retelling of the well-documented 26/11 attacks. Its power comes from the film’s action-packed and emotional tribute to its hero, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, which is sure to resonate with everyone. Major is a good one-time movie if you enjoy stories about martyrdom.



In a world full of writers, I'll just be another one with an edge to be the best. I am a content writer by trade and part-time poet.

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In a world full of writers, I'll just be another one with an edge to be the best. I am a content writer by trade and part-time poet.
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