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MVTR Kenobi: Music Producer and DJ Launches His Own Record Label to Support New Artists

Franck Kanga – MVTR Kenobi, 33 is a top French Music producer and is best known for his critically and internationally acclaimed singles Ocean, Lover and Studio. He has worked with the biggest names in the music industry and has time and again reached the top of the charts with his catchy and groovy sounds.

In a bid to support upcoming artists, Kenobi founded his record label – Polymath Records. He made this move based on his own experience as an independent artist, he comments, “I have been playing music since I was a 7 or so years old and all throughout my teenage years and 20s I produced music and played so many venues – and I loved it! But I did all of it alone. Music is something that brings people closer together and to be alone with it seems ironic. I have met so many artists like me over the years and I had this epiphany – that I could make a space where artists like me can come and find a family and bond over music.”.

“All of us at Polymath have different outlooks on life and have different genre preferences but we are united in our love for music and it has led to some great studio and jam sessions.”, he adds. Kenobi produces for the artists at Polymath and works closely with them and mentors them through their creative process. He says of it, “I don’t put myself in an authority role and try to control someone’s art. I keep myself accessible and approachable so anytime anyone needs help they can come to me without any hesitation. My talent at Polymath can always rest easy knowing that I have their back.”.

Polymath Record has become The spot for upcoming musicians and has already amassed a great talent pool. Three of the artists signed with Polymath Records have almost finished their upcoming projects and will be releasing them soon.

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