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Mahira Khan Returns to social media at last gets a warm welcome

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We have heard and seen the pictures of Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan at New York going too viral over a few days ago. The two have been rumored dating and their pictures of smoking together outside their hotel speaks a lot about their relationship. Soon Mahira Khan was trolled badly for wearing short dress and smoking. This made the actress depressed the way she was handled by the people over the social media, which soon kept her away from the social networking sites. However, today she was seen returning to the social media and her fans have warmly welcomed her.

We saw her fan saying Aap Aa Jao Yaar (please return) to which the lady replied Aagayi (I came). So after so many days we saw the actress again active over the social media and her fans seems to be very much excited about her return and were giving her a very warm welcome. Talking about the viral pictures of Mahira with Ranbir, the actor (Ranbir Kapoor) said that over the months he got the chance to know Mahira Khan in the personal capacity. He said he respect and admire the lady for her achievements and even for being a kind person.

He then said it is really unfair to see the actor being vilified and ridiculed and blamed the social media troller for making fun of it. He then requested the media to stop negativity about the lady and enjoy your personal lives with peace and love. He then stated that both smoking and hating are injurious to health. His father Rishi Kapoor too was seen slamming the people who misjudged him and said that he can meet anyone he wants and that no one has the right to invade his privacy. Talking about his work, Ranbir is tied up with Sanjay Dutt Biopic, which is hitting next year.

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