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Mahie Gill Opens Up About Having A 3-Year-Old Daughter With Her Live-In Boyfriend

Preeti Singh



Mahie Gill wallpapersIt has been the very first time that the actress Mahie Gill has opened up on her personal life with the media. She has been known to play bold roles in both films and web series but, this time she has taken a very bold step sharing that she is a mother to a daughter named Veronica who will be 3 in August, this year. She made is clear that has been in a live-in relationship with her businessman boyfriend who holds a huge chain of hotels and casinos across Goa while she stayed mum about taking his name to stay away from the limelight.

Talking on a media platform, Mahie said, “I have a boyfriend. He is not a catholic. He is a businessman. I’d love to name him but he wants to stay out of the limelight. My boyfriend owns hotels and casinos across Goa as well as globally. I was with him when he opened a venture in Georgia recently. Sometimes, it feels like we’re in a long-distance relationship as he travels a lot. But whenever he’s in Goa, I move there as both of us own properties there.”

The 43-year-old actress however, seemed to be in no hurry about getting married to her boyfriend as she believes that families and children can also be made and managed without marriage as well.

Speaking on the same, Gill said, “What is the need for marriage? It all depends on the thinking and time. Families and children can be made without marriage. There should be no problem with having children without marriage. I do not think there is a problem… Marriage is a beautiful thing, but doing or not is a personal choice.”

Mahie mentioned that said that she lives with her aunt in Mumbai who takes good care of her daughter. Talking on the reason why she named her daughter as Veronica, Mahie said, “Her name is Veronica. She lives with me. Why I named her Veronica – When Jesus was dragged on the cross and he was being taken to Jerusalem to be crucified. A woman dared to wipe his face with her handkerchief and his image got printed on it. That woman was called Veronica. And the meaning is- She who brings victory to true image. Thus I liked the name. And named my daughter Veronica.”

Mahie is currently working on ATLBalaji’s web series, Fixer.

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