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Madaari Movie Review  

Madaari Movie Review

Its all about the performance of Irrfan Khan

This Friday in B Town we have on movie hitting the theatres, which comes in the form of a social thriller movie called Madaari. It is directed by Nishikant Kamat, while produced by Shailesh Singh, Shailja Kerjiwal and unders under the banner of Paramhans Creations & Saptarishi Cinevision. The film has Irrfan Khan, Jimmy Shergill, Vishesh Bansal, Nitesh Pandey and Tushar Dalvi in the lead roles. And after a delay is releasing this week, the film finally is hitting this Friday. The film is written by Ritesh Shah, while the story is given by Shailja Kejriwal along with the music from Vishal Bhardwaj and others. The film was shot in a number of places including New Delhi, Dehradun, Rajasthan, Mumbai and Shimla. Now, let’s dig in deep into the film to get the gist of the same as under:


Madaari the film as said above happens to be a social thriller, which is a pertinent to the current political scenario in our country India. In our country, which is a burgeoning nation of 125 crore people wherein the powered call the shots; there lived a man called Nirmal Kumar played by Irrfan Khan. He is a common man who is seen dancing in the tunes of political people who are powerful and resourceful. He loses his son due to the poor governance of the country. He then decides to reverse the game by playing a street play wherein he becomes the Madaari or street performer and makes the people in the power his sidekick or Jhamoora. He kidnaps the son of home minister and makes them dance on his tune. He in on a run and no one is able to catch him despite all the smart efforts put by the top cop played by Jimmy Shergill played as Nachiket Verma. So, what happens the next will Irrfan gets justice for being the victim of the system or he is caught by the men in uniform, is an interesting tale to explore.


Madaari is not an unusual film when it comes to the story and script is concerned, as similar kind of film called Deadline: Sirf 24 Ghante was released in the B Town again with Irrfan being the man at the center. The difference however is that in the said movie the man at the center stage was a doctor who is immersed in his false pride and money power failing to do his duty making common man his victim while in this film – Madaari you have a man who challenges the people in the power to answer his plight by making them powerless. So with not much of a difference in this film with the above said one the film Madaari soon become predictable. However, the director has tried to keep the film alive with adding a number of elements inspired by the day to day politics and the hidden criminal elements in our Indian society, which make the film a worthy catch.


When it comes to performance, no one can stop Irrfan Khan to give another stellar one. He has tried his best to go deep into the character of the common man who has been badly hidden by the system making him go nowhere but to take the system for a ride by simply turning the table upside down. He is simply mind-blowing in his character while portraying the most real kind of emotions of an ailing father who lost his son for not his own mistake but for the ones who is not ready to take things in their stride.  The others in the film like top cop played by Jimmy Shergill called Nachiket Verma were again too good. In fact, Jimmy has played similar roles before including the ones played in the recent movie traffic, he was good and improving in his performance. The kid of home minister – Vishesh Bansal was really smart in his performance, showcasing the role of a spoilt brat of a powerful man who understand his power and pride much better than the ones that we can ever expect.

Music, Direction, Editing and other technical elements

The director Nishikant Kamat has tried to make the real life event taking place under the under construction overhead Metro bridge over Andheri Kural Road close to Marol station wherein the casualty were both the kids and adults. The director has tried to portray the reality of the life of a poor as compared to the rich ones and convincingly able to direct an able actor like Irrfan Khan who has given his best performance in the movie. In fact, with Irrfan as the main lead, the director had little things to worry as this man has portrayed perfection emotions over his face and other things.   Music has not much to do except the background one and few songs, which were done neatly. The technical elements like screenplay, editing and other things remained par as required giving a decent glow to the entertainment value of the film.

Madaari Last Word

Madaari is a fabulous film as far as performance is concerned, however, in terms of story and script the film becomes predictable since similar issues were dealt in the B Town with one of them using Irrfan in the center stage. So, many a times, the film was seen becoming predictable that overtook with performance that kept things par. The rating has much to do with the performance of Irrfan Khan, which makes Madaari to his film.

Rating – 3.5


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