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Kabali Movie Review


Loads of action, romance and humor can make your day with Kabali

Kabali is a Tamil Language gangster drama movie, which is hitting this Friday not just in India but worldwide. The film is directed and written by the talented filmmaker called Pa. Ranjith, while it is produced by Kalaipuli S. Thanu  under the banner of V Creations. It has the superstar in the film – Rajnikanth who is not less than a God for his fans, which is the key reason why the film release date is called off as a public holiday by the workplaces in the south. The film has Winston Chao the Taiwanese actor along with Radhika Apte, Dinesh Ravi, Kalaiyarasan, John Vijay and Dhansika in the key roles. The principal photography for the movie started last August 2015, while the movie is made in locations like Hong Kong, Bangkok and Malaysia. Time to dig in deep to get the crux of the film Kabali as under:


As said the film is a gangster drama film, which showcases a group called Kabali that happens to be the name of a gang leader played by Rajnikanth. Kabaliswaran or Kabali is an angry young man but with Robinhood heart who also does a couple of good things in his life including running a school for the poor and downtrodden people and for the kids who have lost their parents and guardians in gangster fights. Soon you find one man in the enemy gang impressed with his gesture to join Kabali gang, so, what happens at the next is an interesting tale to explore in your nearest cinema.


The film has an usual story of a former gangster who shuns his life of crime and mafia to lead a normal life till he finds his past haunting him. He then take resorts to his past in order to fix things and rest is history we all know from such usual scripts based on the crime and gangsters. However, the presence of superstar Rajnikanth makes the big difference when he is seen with his typical tangible dialogues and incredible action. The film is a typical malasa movie unlike we find in the south Indian films, hence you can call it to be the blend of many things right from romance to action and comedy, all the elements of any film is being interwoven smartly in equal measures by the director. However, the film soon becomes predictable making it yet another movie of superstar Rajnikanth who has loads of stuff for his fans to entertain. All in all the film has not a great story but the predictable sequences, which can still entertain the audience in the south.

Now talking about the performances, Rajnikanth has its own style and signature things, which makes him popular among the South India along with other places as well. Unlike any other movie, he has left no stone unturned to give an mind boggling performance with cool actions and hot romance with his co-actor Radhika Apte and others in the film. He is simply awesome in his fights and despite being in his early sixties he has managed to give a performance of an actor of forties. Well, hats off to him for his incredible performance over the silver screen. Be it romance, action or comedy, he has proved his dexterity for this film. Regarding Radhika Apte, she was tried so well to blend with Rajnikanth but was often seen being overshadowed by the superstar. However, one can even blame his fewer screen space which has come in her way to give some more cool performance. Nevertheless, she has maintained the glam quotient of the film to a great extent thus justifying her presence in it.

Music, direction, editing and other elements

Talking about the music, it seems to be decent especially the track called Njeruppuda, which adds up the new energy levels to the film. The music director has tried to add the innovation and thus have done a great job in composing the music for film and other songs as well that are doing better over the chartbuster list. Direction is cool when it comes to action and making the movie par to the expectations of the audience. The other elements like editing, screenplay and technical stuff remained par adding up the entertainment value of the movie. Locations are simply great as you get to see a number of places in the East Asia with countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

Kabali Last Word

Kabali movie is a blend of many things, right from the entertainment to comedy and romance, the film has loads to offer. For any typical fan of Rajnikanth, there is no reason to miss this film, however, even if you do not fall under this category, catching up this movie would be a fair deal. The film has all the elements which can entertain any age group of the audience, which makes the film to get a decent rating.

Rating – 3.5



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