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Loveshhuda, Ishq Forever & Direct Ishq – 1st Week Box Office Report

Last Friday was a busy one unlike the current one. Too many movies releasing the same day making a big mess on the lazy Friday, however, in a list of four only one survived, the remaining three simply fall flat on the ground making things bad to worse for the ones including Loveshhuda, Ishq Forever and Direct Ishq. Now, let’s talk about the former first, yes Loveshhuda having all newbie in the film. The film opened in a tiring note of mere one crore at the box office, which continued to remain in the first weekend giving a very shabby picture at the end of the first week.

As per reports, Loveshhuda’s first week box office collection tolled to around 5 crores only, much behind the other release Neerja, which did better with 35 Crores at the end of first week. However, LS did better in comparison to the other two releases called the Love Forever and Direct Ishq, which went really bad over the weeks’ time. The reasons could be many; right from the low promotion to minimal star value and average reviews, the film was pitted with many flaws, which seem to have come in its way giving such a shabby figure making it a flop film.

Now, let’s talk about Ishq Forever, the film starring all the newbie, which was nothing but a big disaster over the box office. As per report, the first week box office collection for Ishq Forever tolled to around 3.5 crores only. Similarly, the other release with same genre called Direct Ishq also tasted the same destiny with similar kind of figures at the end of its first week. So, if you check the reports, the first week box office collection for Direct Ishq tolled to around 3 crores, which is really a damaging figure to get in a span of seven days.

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