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Bollywood Diaries Movie Review

A well-acted, intimidating film about Bollywood aspirations

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It’s a back to back busy Friday when we have too many films hitting for the audience. This Friday, we have four movies releasing, which certainly include Bollywood Diaries, directed by KD Satyam and produced by Sattar Diwan under the banner of Rehab Pictures Private Limited in association of Eagle Eye Entertainment LLP. The film has Raima Sen, Salim Diwan and Ashish Vidyarthi in the pivotal roles with Karuna Pandey and Vineet Kumar Singh in the supporting characters. The film has three stories of individuals wanting to be the part of Bollywood.  K D Satyam is a known and award winning director for his earlier film Gattu, which was even screened at global film festivals.


As said, the film has stories of three different and irrelevant individuals who aspire to work in B Town someday. These include a guy working in an international BPO in national capital, while a middle aged government employee called Vishnu played by Ashish Vidyarthi from Bhilai, Chhattisgarh and one courtesan from Songachi, Kolkata who all want to be the part of B Town for acting. Vishu has a background of theatres and is among ace actors in his youth, however, he landed in government jobs for his living and life made him busy after his marriage. However, his plan to go acting go haywire when he learns that he is suffering from cancer. Similarly, Rohit from Delhi played by Salim also has a saga of failed attempts to enter into acting; however, he ends up entering into the third round of a reality start hunt show but fails and faces rejection and humiliations. The last character is of courtesan called Impli played by Sen who comes in touch with Daman played by Vineet Kumar who is an assistant director and he promises her to cast in his upcoming film, however, on returning to Bombay, he ropes in a popular actress for the show. This leads Imli to shift to Dubai to work in a high end dance bar. The movie has captured their struggle to pursue their dreams along with covering their roller coaster journey when they are gearing up for their struggle.


The director has technically made three disparate movies in BD. He is seen cutting between and yanking the audience from one three act world to the other doing things too abruptly. However, not a single portion of the film is inferior to the other, thanks to his filmmaking skills. In fact you can find a bit of magic in it. Whether it is Rohit, Vishnu or Imli, he has carved the story with such a perfection that you would end up applauding the director. The script has been smartly crafted giving justice to all the character he portrayed in his film.

Talking about performances, Vidyarthi while playing Vishnu has got enough opportunity showcases his talents the best, which he seemed to have wasted while playing unruly negative characters. He is an accomplished actor and he stood at the top with his performance while playing the character of Vishnu in BD. Next is Raima, she seemed perfect while playing a commercial sex worker giving a relevant blend of fierce desire and teary eyed lady with pain with incomplete dream. Last but not the last, she seemed to be a revelation though while playing a bad actor without coming off the bumbling caricature.

Bollywood Diaries – Last Word

One can call this film to be a cheesy tribute to all the B Town aspirants who work hard to pursue their dreams but somehow fail to lead their life as it takes. The film has managed to have elicited admiration, fear and anxiety for the souls aspiring to enter Bollywood but fail miserably taking them away from their dreams. To put in other words, BD is a good effort but may not have the so called punch, which other conventional movies with huge star value often end up giving.

Rating – 4.0

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