Who is this lookalike of Emraan Hashmi?

Imran Hashmi Duplicate

We often tend to see people on our way to different places when we say this man resemble to someone or someone else, however, we end up calling him or her to be a lookalike of someone. Remember the girl Sneha Ullah who did her debut in B Town with Salman Khan in his film called Lucky – No Time for Love. She was very much similar to the Aishwarya Rai. We then saw a number of people resembling to the actors like Deepika Padukone, John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha. Now, we have a man who is the lookalike of Emraan Hashmi. Yes the serial kisser of B Town. He hails from Pakistan and remains the carbon copy of Emraan Hashmi. These days, we now see his pictures getting viral over the internet along with other mediums as well. Let’s check about this man and know about him as under:

He is a competent actor 
We know Emraan Hashmi a man with creativity and he showcases this aspect before his audience that has created a good amount of fan following for him. We have been knowing him as a Serial Kisser but in the market we have his look alike as well.
Its Incredible 
This picture belongs to his Humshakal or lookalike who is the carbon copy of Emraan Hashmi. So, who is this man. Well, he is from Peshawar, Pakistan and his name is Mazdak Khan.
He is an actor 
So following the lines of Emraan Hashmi, this man has become an actor as well in Pakistan. He said in one of his interview that when people come close to him to take a selfie with him and he really becomes very much happy. Now when he has got his popularity, he now wants to become a successful actor and model.
He is accomplishing his dreams
He is now being seen in some TV shows which will soon make his dream come true. Now talking about Emraan Hashmi, he was seen last in the film Baadshaho and now would be seen in another film called Cheat India.
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