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These lines by Jenna Ortega in Wednesday sum up her character very well

Jenna Ortega is receiving tonnes of praise for her character of Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s American TV series, Wednesday. She is seen playing a 16-year-old girl in this coming-of-age supernatural, mystery horror-comedy series. Not just in her home country, the child actress’ outstanding act has amazed people across the globe. The internet has recreated everything from her acted lines to her dance steps as memes or reel videos.

In this horror comedy, the character of Jenna Ortega (Wednesday Addams) investigates a huge murder spree in Nevermore Academy while making both friends and enemies. Without a doubt, Jenna’s dialogue has had a significant impact on the viewers. This TV series, which debuted in November of this year, is already the third most-watched English TV series.

Today, we bring you some impactful lines from Jenna Ortega, aka Wednesday Addams, from the series that will not just amaze you but also leave a long-lasting impression. These lines effortlessly sum up her character in the series.

Jenna Ortega Wednesday Addams
Jenna Ortega Wednesday Addams

Some impactful lines by Jenna Ortega in Wednesday

“I act as if I don’t care if people dislike me. Deep down… I secretly enjoy it!”

“I will never apologise for trying to uncover a truth.”

“I promise that whoever did this to you will suffer. And it will be slow long and excruciatingly painful.”

“They couldn’t even spring for real pigs’ blood. It’s only paint.”

“Typically, I have great admiration for well-executed revenge plots, but yours was a bit extreme. Even for my high standards.”

“I do not believe in heaven or hell. But I do believe in revenge. I usually serve it warm with a side of pain.”

“Every day is all about me.”

“I do not bury the hatchets. I sharpen them.”

Well, there are many such lines by the child artist that will just leave it in AWE. You will have to watch the TV series for that.

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