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Jenna Ortega personified ‘Wednesday’ years ago. Here’s the proof!

Jenna Ortega is garnering praise from all over the world for her performance in Netflix’s supernatural web series, Wednesday. It is directed by Tim Burton and inspired by the comic character Wednesday Addams of The Addams Family.

The Wednesday actress made her acting debut in the series Jane: The Virgin as little Jane, which brought her popularity. After this, she was seen in “Stuck in the Middle,” a video that has become increasingly viral. According to the video, the little lady correctly predicted her future. The below viral clip will show you how she epitomized her future years before the Wednesday role came to her.

Jenna Ortega brought life to the character of Wednesday Addams, a comic character from the novel. Seeing her act in the series, everyone is amazed at the tiny beauty’s performance. The series is a hot topic globally and is smashing all the records.

The latest news is about the actress’ viral video from the show Stuck in the Middle, in which she said, “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THERE ARE SEVEN KIDS AND YOU ARE STUCK IN THE MIDDLE.” “IF MY FAMILY WAS A WEEK, I WOULD CHOOSE TO BE A WEDNESDAY!”

Now, after so many years, she became Wednesday in the series, and her words turned into reality. This proves that she completely embodied it.

Netizens can’t stop praising Jenna Ortega after the viral video surfaced

As the video was uploaded by an Instagram fan page called ‘xily. jenna’ went viral, netizens flooded the comment section with their opinions on the viral clip. They also praise Jenna Ortega for manifesting her future so correctly. One user wrote, “She predicted her future.” Another person commented, “Coincidence?” “I don’t believe it!”

What are your thoughts about the viral clip of Jenna Ortega? Tell us your views in the comments!

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