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Life Is Good Movie Review: Jackie Shroff starrer taught us that life is big, live it long

Life Is Good Movie Review:

Movie: Life Is Good 

Director: Sarika Sanjot

Cast: Jackie Shroff, Rajit Kapoor, Darshan Jariwala

Runtime: 100

Rating: 3 and half

Life Is Good Movie Review Story: 

Rameshwaram (Jackie Shroff) is fed up with his lonely life. Feeling disturbed by his current situation, he thinks of committing suicide. However, an angel arrives soon. A 7-year-old girl Mishti gives a new dimension to Rameswaram’s life. This is the story of their bond of 15 years when Rameshwar understands the true meaning of letting go.

Life Is Good Movie Review: 

 The film opens with Rameshwar an accountant at a local post office in the mountains, facing grief after the passing of his mother. A middle-aged accountant at the post office struggles with loneliness and with no hope, attempts suicide. A 7-year-old girl Mishti enters his life and breaks the glass of his window. Mishti living with her maasi and running away from her father. Both of them have a good friendship, play cricket with Mishti, and spend time together, Rameshwar gets a purpose in life. After moving around a lot with her aunt Reema (Suneeta Sen Gupta), she finally settles down after Rameshwar stops his self-centered father from abducting her. Before Mishti gets married and moves to Chicago, they develop a strong friendship that lasts for 15 years. Rameshwar is left alone once more as life has other plans for him. Will another glimmer of hope emerge like Mishti?

The project from director Ananth Narayan Mahadevan will break your heart as it is so heartbreaking. Even though Mishti is a motherless child who was left by her father, and Rameshwar is a lonely guy, their connection isn’t portrayed with hackneyed tropes, melodrama, or excess. The novel by author Sujit Sen is a mature one in which Rameshwar does not attempt to be Mishti’s father and a single guy and a single lady (the aunt) do not fall in love. It is solely focused on their friendship, including all of its highs and lows and sensitivity.

Rameshwar, played by Jackie Shroff, is fantastic. Like many typical middle-aged guys from a small town, he has a modest paunch and the appearance of an accountant. He excels particularly in a scene where a teenage Mishti is riding a bicycle with his boss (Rajit Kapur), and the fear of an accident and losing Mishti is so evident on his face. As Mishti’s aunt, Suneeta Sen Gupta holds her own, and the young performers Saniya and Ananya do well.

Life Is Good Movie Review: cinematography

 Alphonse Roy’s cinematography of the Panchgani hills, Mahabaleshwar, the blue river, sunsets, and the misty environment is at once calming and depressing. The soundtrack by Abhishek Ray adds to the attractiveness of the movie.

Life Is Good Movie Review:

Life Is Good Movie Review: Verdict: 

The story has been shown such things which many people go through it. Life is very good, just Mishti is ​​not going to come into everyone’s life, so instead of bad thoughts in life, follow good thinking for it. 

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