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BTS bags two spots on the Google Search 2022 year-end list, Butter and Dynamite are among the most searched songs

BTS has a huge fanbase worldwide, with many people around the globe looking out for their special offerings, news, and other updates. Well, the Korean band experienced a stunning 2022. From their group break and solo album release to their military enlistment news, the Bangtan Boys sparked a lot of interest in the ARMY. The year was indeed about these K-pop stars.

Google Search for 2022

Some of you might be unaware that Google recently shared its year-end lists. This contains the most searched topics on their search engine, ranging from news, people, and music to other searches. And do you know that BTS has made it to Google’s most searched list? How can it not?BTS is always ahead when it comes to trends.

BTS secures two positions, not one

We all know that the BTS team gained a lot of limelight after the release of their latest album, Proof. However, Dynamite and Butter are probably two big fan favorites, as they seem to have lasted in the audience’s minds. These two songs are still popular among soldiers.

In the 2022 end-of-year list, Butter secured the 2nd position in the Google Top Songs collection. On the other hand, Dynamite managed to grab the 7th position on the list. And do you know what makes this a big milestone? None of these songs by them were released this year, but still, they could make it to the list of 2022. Therefore, it deserves huge praise.

BTSBangtan Boys
BTS Bangtan Boys

What does the future hold for the BTS boys?

All the loyal fans and followers of the Bangtan Boys know that they are going to serve in the military now. This subject was the most debated one in South Korea, and the k-pop band later decided to handle it on their own.

As per reports, Jin will be the first to go and will probably enlist on December 13.

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