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Lekar Ham Deewana Dil Movie Review

Lekar Hum Diwana Dil

One of the two movies releasing this Friday is Lekar Ham Deewana Dil, directed by Arif Ali, which is his debut directorial movie. The movie has a number of debut stars including Armaan Jain, Nikita Dutta and Deeksha Seth. It is produced by Dinseh Vijan, Sunil Lulla and Saif Ali Khan under their banner called Eros International and Illuminati Films, directed by again a debut director who happens to be the brother of known director Imtiyaz Ali. The music comes from AR Rahman. In other words too many debutants have come together to make the movie, right from the director to the actors, everyone seems to be taking their chance in making the movie.

Looking at the plot, you find Dino (Arman) and Karishma (Nikita), both restless characters in the film who simply want to lead their lives on their own terms and conditions. When their lives finally meet the jolt from Karishma’s family when she and her friend Dino is hitched they end up realizing that the two souls are made for each other. Being the rules of their own luck, they are only seen eloping to forge a lifetime of love, freedom and fun. However, they still are naïve and new to learn about life and that it is not that simple as it may appear. At times, the person whom you love the most becomes the biggest problem. Looking at the plot, the script seems okay and even decent enough to get a good start once the movie hits the theaters.

It’s the first movie of Arif Ali, which has a sweet script that is seen borrowing the elopement theory from the evergreen 70’s and 80’s romances like Betab, Love Story and Bobby. You may find Arif being influenced by his brother, which is somewhere visible during the movie with even having shades from the movies Highway and Jab We Met. However, LHDD comes out with a mint crip feeling having commercial lingo. There is any melodrama in the movie, which makes the content of the movie very much refreshing. The script somehow replicates some older hit movies when the female lead actress has to tread a different way to find the man of his choice rather than going with the option as suggested by the family. So feeling away the scene with their deewana dil going somewhere in the Yaadon Ki Baaraat ditty they simply are seen moving manzil manzil.

You find their journey from Bombay to Goa underneath the bottle of bear encountering a new adventure unlike somehow seen in the movie Bunty Aur Babli. However, the couple is tracked down by one of their relatives they are seen in the chaat mangi pat shadi format without the so called band baaja baraat in their wedding affair. You find their chemistry to be incredible when you see every single wish of the young lady becoming the boy’s command. However, the interesting twist comes in when the two land up at a place, which is being ruled by the Maoists. Now, you can see the screenplay taking a very incredible turning. The rest is history, which you need to catch up at the theatres.

Amidst the love story and their encounter with the Naxalites, you can find the music being given by A R Rahman wherein he is seen boosting up the spiriting with the song Khalifa Khalifa and thus is seen drawing the sighs with the poignant Alaahada. As far as the performances of the debut stars are concerned, Armaan seems to be very much energetic and endearing, which gives a warm feeling whereas Deeksha too is seen likeable and confident girl. Mahesh who comes from Bangalore too seen doing good here with his performance. In case, if you want to enjoy some mismatched pair found in the young couple, trying out LHDD to watch in the theatres won’t be bad bet. You can think of watching them with your family or friends otherwise for people with inquisitive and investigating knack can catch Vidya Balan playing the role of a detective called Bobby Jasoos. As said the movie is of debutant, the choreographer doing this movie too happens to be the first timer.

Lekar Ham Deewana Dil Final words

The movie falls into the budget category with no star value in it. Most of the locations are based in Bombay while the Maoists area belongs to the jungle of Chattisgargh with few scenes carried out in Ooty and Chennai. In this way, the star for the movie comes to around 3.0.

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