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Bobby Jasoos review

Bobby Jasoos

One of the much hyped movies this week is Bobby Jasoos, with the leading casts as Vidya Balan, Ali Fazal, Arjan Bajwa, Supriya Pathak, Anupriya, Tanvi Azmi, Rajendra Gupta, Aakash Dahiya and Zarina Wahab. The movie is directed by Samar Shaikh, while written by Sanyuktha Chawla and the producers are Dia Mirza and Sahil Sangha. The movie is hitting tomorrow in more than 1000 screens in India. It is often said in B Town that the movies with women centric character always turns out a big hit provided it is carried out by the known actor Vidya Balan. Well, the movies like The Dirty Picture and Kahani, bears the testimony to this fact. Unlike a couple, she is back now in another women centric role in the movie called Bobby Jasoos. However, will this Women Centric movie will do the magic is the talk of the down, which will unfold when we have the box office reports with us.

Checking the plot of the movie, Bobby (played by Vidya Balan) is among the eldest sisters in her family who has past her marriageable age now, while her other two sisters are too young to understand about life and its reality since they are too young to understand this. Their father – Haroon Ahmed is a mechanic at Deccan Railways and takes care of five women. Bobby’s wife – Zebonisa is a warm fizzy personality and often is seen finding the lighter side of almost any situation and above all love Bobby ardently and can go to any extent to get the peace and harmony at home. Apart from the three girls and Zebonisa the fifth woman is Kausar Khala who is known as Ammi’s widowed sister. Kausar Khala is a popular matchmaker of the area Mogulpura wherein the entire family is based at. The detective opportunities was given by Kausar Khala to Bobby wherein she has to investigate about the groom’s family wherein she need to check the family history to keep her matchmaking business going smoothly.

Bobby gets the opportunity to turn out Jasoos in a land where the woman’s identity seems to be lost in Burkha or veil while the marriage is their utmost duty. Amidst such community Bobby in her Jasoosi character seems to be breaking many rules of the land. At the age of 30, she has a very unconventional dream to live, which is nothing but owning her successful private detective business and literally love to hate the preoccupation stuff related to marriage. She is often seen saying and claiming that she knows every nook and corner of the Mogahulpura, while she has the knack, courage and skills to be a good detective provided she gets a big break in it.

Well soon, she gets the opportunity with the case of Aneez Khan is seen approaching and giving the case to Bobby giving her the kickstart to her detective business. She is seen taking a plunge in the case with new vigor and enthusiasm without realizing the intent and motive of Khan in this mater. Will is she going to get the success in sorting out the case of Khan, will she be able to sniff the bad intent of this man well these are the questions to be explored in the movie itself. The movie is all based at the pure environment of Hyderabad. This place where she resides is among the oldest one, which hardly accepts any change seems to be changing gradually though. Bobby goes out of the way to solve the case and seen surviving the thrills and chases seen over the by lanes of Charminar area.

The story seems to be different and has the freshness, which Vidya Balan is seen showcasing the best unlike her previous women centric movies. Ali Fazal on the other hands who has a much bigger role this time seems to be okay in terms of performance and acting. The music seems to be okay with a couple of nicely sung songs especially from Shreya Ghosal. The trailer and the songs released earlier has garnered some interest by the audience, however, most of the reviewers are seen calling it an average. Yet it is still difficult to predict what goes tomorrow when the film finally hits the movie. Picture Abhi Baki Hai Mere Dost, you just have gone through the trailer. So let’s wait and watch!

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