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Legal Notice for Rang Rasiya Director, Ketan Mehta

Rang Rasiya, which is all set to hit the theatres this Friday seems to be in a legal tangle. The director, Ketan Mehta, of this Randeep Hooda and Nandana Sen starrer movie seems to have received a legal notice. Perhaps this seems to have become a trend nowadays for the filmmakers getting the legal notices just when their movies are on the verge of release. The movie is based on the novel of a painter called Raja Ravi Verma. The legal has come from the granddaughter of this same painter who is being portrayed in an erotic way.

As per the notice, the life and character of the painter has been maligned morally and intellectually. However, according to the director, he has portrayed the life of a painter as per the novel. He said that Raja Ravi Verna is among the veterans when it comes to Indian art and painting. He further said that this man only gave the Indian God and Godesses their respective places, while his story is supposed to be told to the world. Also, the movie was ready to be released since five years and was even screened during the Trivandrum Film Festival.

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