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Leepakshi costume designer of Mirziya speaks about working with Rakyesh, Saiyami and Harshvardhan Kapoor.

Leepakshi who is a well known stylist in the industry known for her work in ‘Sultan’ and having dressed actors like Sonam Kapoor,Parineeti Chopra, Shraddha Kapoor and more talks about working in Mirziya says, “Working with Rakeysh Mehra has been incredible as he loves his technicians to paint the canvas as they like and he’s always there to give you that nod of appreciation.”

“Look test and discussion will go on for hours and at times we wouldn’t realize it’s 2am in the morning .It would go on for days till we locked on just those few outfits and locked the wardrobe.”

Rakeysh likes to review it and then live with it for a few days to review it again and wants to be assured that he sees the character rather then the clothes .

With minimal styling , I had to bring out each character and their streak of who they are in the outfits they wore .

Costume has a huge role to play in a film like this and so did the photography and it only helped look the way it is looking .

Young and hungry, each one of them extremely hardworking that it was inspiring to see that and added to my enthusiasm too.

Harsh plays a grunge stable boy. I was inspired by James dean to create simple yet iconic signature looks for Harsh.
Months of aging went into his clothes to give it the right colour, appropriate finish and hand me down feel to it .

Saiyami is born and bread aboard girl who is very simple chic and elegant .A very proper girl who is getting married to a prince .

Anuj plays the prince from the royal family.
From mannerism to clothing.  Everything needed to look very appropriate authentic and up to the minute.All his and Saiyami’s wardrobe was bought from England .Some of Anuj s suits were tailor made to give a made to measure feel. Riding gear was sourced from the riding clubs of London. I stayed in London for over 2/3 weeks to get the real knack and hacks or riding , the technical know how of wardrobe during riding.Research on material used and how are they constructed .

Jewellery was developed which was worth 1.5/2 crore for the Rajput wedding set up .
A funny note – Funny incident that till we didn’t finish the jewellery shoot , I had to guard it in the locker of my room and on set while she s wearing it.So my focus was mostly on constant keeping up with the count of Jewelelry rather that siyami s clothing

The day we wrapped the sequence I had to fly back with the jewellery in my handbag to return it and till then no one slept for those 7 /8 days .”



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