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Lastbenchers Official Trailer released

Lastbenchers movie wallpapers

The team of most awaited movie called Lastbenchers this coming summer has released its official trailer this Thursday. The film is all about young guys who remain backbenchers in their college and academic life but had to toil hard to meet their ends. The film is all about, college life fun, comedy and seriousness. All the debutant actors and actresses play hard to portray the said roles in real hard and committed way. This film sounds a bit different than the usual movies that churn out every Friday in the leading theaters of India. The creators of the movie have tried their best to stick with reality and portray the characters the way you find in the day to day real life. Now that can be called as the epitome of the entire movie, which is more about making the mark in the industry rather than mere making money.

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Interestingly, the movie is produced by the young guys who do not have any film background or experience in this domain. The director, writer, lyricists, actor –  Prajakt Rebeloma was seen learning and exploring everything about film making and then implemented the same with his team of around 50 people, all new in this sector. Film making was not at all their cup of tea but their efforts really turned them out to make a successful movie project. You have all the young people of central India – Nagpur in the crew who were seen making this film. Joining every bit to pieces and putting all the lines together the young guns of central India has finally embarked with a movie called Lastbenchers, whose trailer is launched today.

Looking at the trailer of the film will unleash some of the ideas the way the film was made giving some really good gestures of the guys who put their sole and heart in the film. You shouldn’t miss the trailer, which is launched today as it will give you the idea of film making from an amateur with perfection and hard work. Even though if you do not like the trailer, think about the hard work, patience, courage and efforts, people have put to pursue their dreams in order to make this illusion into a great reality.

Watch Lastbenchers Movie Trailers :

Lastbenchers at glance

Prajakt Rebeloma – Director, Lead Actor, Editor, Screenplay/Story/Dialogues writer and Lyricist

Sanket Galactus – Cinematographer, Comic Actor, Color Timer (Colorist), Designer and Creative Producer

Bhupesh Sawai – Music Director

Singers : Junaid Shah, Puneet Kushwaha –

Supporting actors : Dipak Kumar, Prashant Khalokar, Moreshwar Meshram, Anirudh Wankar –

Actresses : Tanvi Lonkar, Shriya Fule, Pooja Bhattad

Producer : Er. Moreshwar Meshram –

Production Companies

Shep Entertainment Pvt. Ltd in association With Filmdukes Media Wave Pvt. Ltd.

Digital Marketing by- IT Nexus Software Solution Nagpur in Association with Nk Productions.

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