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Lara Dutta’s dating app profile sends netizens into a tizzy; fans in a frenzy are whipping up their own speculation theories

Post-Diwali, the real fireworks seem to have exploded on social media earlier today. A screenshot of Lara Dutta’s profile from a dating app made its way to the internet. As soon as the picture dropped, speculations were rife about somebody impersonating Lara. The actress, however, remained unreachable through the phase as her fans have gone into a tizzy discussing the multiple possibilities.

The profile reads – “Ain’t no time for hiccups when you’re down for hookups.” Ominous to fans and a source of voyeuristic pleasure for gossip mongers, people from the industry were left wondering what’s going down in Lara’s world.

While some suggest that this is a dare from one of those silly games at Diwali parties and people are always reading too much into things, other fans have been left wondering if the cryptic post means more than it’s revealing.

As soon as the profile was spotted it soon made its way to become a meme and the internet is having a gala time with admirers and fans having comment wars over her attention it seems.

A user _Mayank_variya commented “every single on tinder, hum first, hum first ” while another fan saifey007 wrote, “Apan rehte hai sakhti se, apan aise pighalte nahi….left swipe kar rahe hain hum abhi ??

Lara has always been fiercely protective about her life. The screenshot has left all of us in a quandary wondering what’s going on. Looks like we will have to wait for her to address this.

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