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Laal Singh Chaddha Movie Review : A Hollywood remake done right

Movie: Laal Singh Chaddha 

Cast: Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Naga Chaitanya Akkineni, Mona Singh

Director: Advait Chandan

Release: 11 August 2022

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Laal Singh Chaddha is now in theatres, and here we bring our review for the movie. Well, since we get to know the main character’s name right from the beginning, we understand in the first 20 minutes that this film is a biography.


In the movie, Laal Singh Chaddha is a disabled boy, but his mother (Mona Singh) believes that her son is no less than anyone. This is where Laal’s character starts to establish himself and his story begins. He always needs people who will push him to move forward. “Doctor and girl, both are equal”—his friend Rupa told him to persuade him to run. Her words: “Bhag, Lal, Bhag!” encouraged him a lot and this forms the crux of the movie.

Laal Singh loves his friends very much, and we learn throughout his journey that we can have a terrible kind of love for people: deep love. In the end, it turns out that Lal Singh Chaddha could only run. He lived his life while he was on the run. He not only lived his life but also taught people how to live it. His unrequited love story with Rupa is also portrayed beautifully. To know everything in detail, you must watch this movie.


Aamir Khan’s character has taken the film forward completely. As always, Kareena Kapoor Khan has rocked the show. Naga Chaitanya and Mona Singh are also seen doing very well in the film. This drama is a mixture of emotions, extraordinarily… the thing about Aamir Khan’s tremendous acting is something else. The film feels a bit long with 2 hours 40 min of stretching, but the plot justifies it. We can say that this movie is a sure-shot blockbuster.

The music of the film is given by Pritam and the songs have been written by Amitabh Bhattacharya. While its songs have been sung by many singers. From the background music of the film to the composition of the songs, everything is beautiful. Each song in the movie is captivating, appealing to the ears, and soulful, from ‘Kahani’ and ‘Main Ki Karaan?’ to ‘Phir Na Aisi Raat Aayegi‘, ‘Tur Kalleyan,’ and ‘Tere Hawaale’.

There is also no shortage of any kind in the direction of the film. Advait Chandan has done a great job. At the same time, the cinematographer of the film Satyajit Pandey shot every shot in the best way and his work is visible. At the same time, when the technical part of this movie is being talked about, you cannot ign. Its VFX is also amazing, and many people have their hands. If we talk about the total, then this film of Aamir is going to be a masterpiece and is a worthy-watch

Final Verdict 

Aamir’s Laal Singh Chaddha will be called the Hindi version of the English movie ‘Forrest Gump’. But this film written by Atul Kulkarni is much more than that of a Hollywood movie. It’s good If you haven’t seen Forrest Gump. Even if you have seen and remember it, then also you will understand that this is a unique case. It’s a true entertainer and we recommend you to watch this movie with your family.

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