Kunaal Khyaan Seolekar, a young Interior Designer who has stunned everyone with his outstanding creativity.

Kunaal Khyan Seolekar

Kunaal Khyaan Seolekar, a young Interior Designer who has stunned everyone with his outstanding creativity.

We are seeing some chic designs by interior designers nowadays a mix of 21st century which are techno-friendly interiors with a mixture of classic Indian designs.

Once you are spending money on the interior for your home or office, you want real Craftsmanship which can lighten your place with some classic interior, when it’s about interior Luxury, style, quality and budget are the most important things.

We met one real talent who is stylish, young and very innovative with his interior designing. His name comes in the list of top interior designers of India. We are talking about the founder of Koy store and Studio Haus – Kunaal Khyaan Seolekar.

Kunaal Khyan Seolekar offers flexibility and uses a perfect technique to create some bespoke luxury products. He is able to give some royal work to his clients with his interior designs.

Visit his pages
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) and his Instagram (
). You will get an idea of his stunning Craftmanship. Kunaal believes in creating an interior which gives you the feeling of pure Indian Craftsmanship, and you can also see a touch of the 21st century with some eco-friendly designs which go hand to hand with technology.

In five years he is able to create two fantastic brands Studio Haus and Koy Store. His timeless and luxurious products are transforming customers dreams into reality. After his five years of hard work in 2018, he was honoured with prestigious award Elle Decor’s “Young Talent Award”. Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar travels a lot for his work, and it’s like half a time he goes to europe where he is expanding his business. His elegant work is even winning the hearts of the western world. He might be the only interior designer at his age working for companies and villas in Europe.

Kunaal’s name comes in one of the top designers in India, which is an excellent boost for talent like him. His growth is unmatchable with others in the market. His hard work and innovative designs for offices, houses and villas are just an excellent example of art and technology.

Here’s wishing Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar all the best for his future ventures and we hope his every interior will inspire other interior designers to create something magical like him.

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