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Koyelaanchal Movie Review


Cast : Vinod Khanna, Sunil Shetty, Vipinno, Roopali Krishnarao, Purva Parag, Brij Gopal, Kannan Arunachalam, Deepraj Rana, BiswAnath Basu, Himayat Ali, Master Manjeet Singh

Review : If you look at the movie Koyelaanchal, it can be called as a tale of cool mafia belonging to Dhanbad in Jharkhand, however, it can be called as just another story, wherein an honest government officer is seen taking a criminal god. The movie is directed by Ashu Trikha, while it cast Vinod Khanna, Vipinno, Sunil Shetty and Roopali Krishnarao. Saryu Bhan Singh played by Vinod Khanna happens to be the godfather of the village Rajapur. He represents the coal mafia who is being worshipped right from a small and poor people to the mighty and political class leaders, mafia and killers. No one is seen raising even their voice for any of the atrocities found in the village. One fine day, an IAS office Nisheeth Kumar played by Sunil Shetty is seen in the row. However, the henchman or the killer guy called Karua of Saryu is seen kidnapping the child of this officer, which rises to random kind of killings in the area.

Looking critically, Koyelaanchal is seen lacking the right story. You can see a series of things or heart of change scenes, right from the coal mafia, the baby of the IAS officer, to the Maoist movement, keeping you dump struck and keep wondering the way the movie is moving randomly. The action scenes are very poorly implemented, while the sound effects of the movie sound terrible. The intention of the movie was to unleash the atrocities of the mafia, however, which simply fails to come across. The supporting actors are seen hamming endlessly while the woman seen with her cleXvage simply does not see any salvage in the poor script.

Though both Sunil Shetty and Vinod Khanna are showing a very good presence in the movie, however, it simply seems to go as an exercise of futility. Vipinno is seen getting the maximum of the footage; however, he simply fails to deliver in his performance. Instead of few good moments a couple of scenes wherein Sunil Shetty was seen losing his cool at certain laidback authorities, while nothing in the movie is incompetent enough evoke any kind of reaction. Hence speaking critically, you have hardly any reason to watch this film unless you are being paid to do so of finding something really worthy at the end in return. Most of the movies coming out, simply give you something at the end, however, Koyelaanchal would simply take away all your calmness and patience and the overall sanity during the entire span of the movie. So, better stay from the coal mines based movie!

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