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First day box office of collection Hawaa Hawaai and Mastram

Hawaa Hawaai and Mastram

This Friday, you have all the low budget movies hitting the theaters. Hence, you do not have much in terms of box office collection. One of the releases include Hawaa Hawaai, which is basically an inspiring story, directed by Amol Gupte starring his own son Partho Gupte and the actor Saquib Saleem in the leading roles. The movie is all about pursuing the dreams of becoming a skating champion against all his odds of poverty. The movie simply moves around the young lad and his mentor Saquib Saleem.

The stalwarts of Bollywood like Karan Johar and Tarun Mansukhani simply praised the efforts of the director for bring out some of the inspiring tales for the audience. Looking at the box office report and the expectations from the movie, the collections seems to be okay with lots of accolades and positive responses, which is likely to gear up in the coming weekend. As per the official figure, the movie has garnered around 3 crores, and is likely to do fetch a good amount in the coming few days.

Another movie, which embarked this Friday, is Mastaram, which is all about a porn writer played Rahul Bagga. The actor plays the protagonist character in the movie known as Mastram, while the director Akhilesh Jaiswal who is the same man that wrote for the screen play of Gangs of Wasseypur. The movie deals with a bank clerk who aspires to become a writer, however, only his dreams are being understood by his wife who encourages him a lot. He leaves his job and shifts to Delhi but all his efforts go in vain as not a single publisher is ready to publish his book.

They simply want him to add some masala in the books, which compels him to churn out with a series of pornographic novels with the pen name called Mastram. It becomes a big hit and simply works for him; however, he is still not a happy man since its Mastaram and not Rajaram who has become popular. Mastaram has garnered positive review from a wider audience and has gained positive reviews even from the critics for being the offbeat fictional biographical story. As per the reports, the box office collection for the first day went around 1.8 crores, which happens to be a decent one considering the low budget in terms of movie promotion and production as well.

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