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KKK12: Erica Packard reveals her family’s reaction to early eviction from the show

Supermodel Erika Packard has left Cape Town after completing her brief participation in Rohit Shetty’s program Khatron Ke Khiladi 12. Erica was the first to head for home after deciding against the elimination trick. She faced off against Jannat Zubair and Aneri Vajani. In an interview, Erika speaks about her experience in a reality show. 

When asked about seeing herself in the first two episodes, she said “Oh my God, all of your facial expressions on television made me anxious. You are doing the stunt and are powerless to control your facial emotions. I tried to maintain my composure despite feeling anxious as I imagined how I would appear if I fell. I realized I was enjoying myself when I saw the performance”.

After eliminating her friends and family reaction, the fact that I was appearing on TV and in a reality show for the first time, interacting with the other participants, and attempting to be myself made everyone very thrilled. Since I’ve never done it or gone through it before, I’m a little overwhelmed by the whole thing. I was getting compliments, so I kept checking in with my family to see whether I was looking hot. They witnessed me performing the trick, so they knew I gave it my all. The winner is ultimately determined by performance, and I did not perform up to par.


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Asked about why did Erica Packard give up on the elimination task Erika says, “I was urging myself to remain calm, but you can’t remain peaceful if you don’t feel tranquil on the inside. I became anxious and went into panic mode because I did not want to lose. I panicked as soon as I turned to face the water. I had enough time, but somehow it didn’t work out; perhaps it was just my luck. I firmly believe that everything occurs for a reason, and my experience with Khatron was no exception. No matter how hard I tried, nothing was happening in my thoughts, even though it was meant to be till now”.

Now that everyone is aware that I will no longer be appearing on the show, everything is currently in discussion. Therefore, we are still working out how to proceed. This was a wonderful experience that has given me a lot of new chances. I hope to appear on reality and television more frequently.

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