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Kill Dil

Kill Dil posterKill Dil 2014 :

Actor: Ali Zafar, Ranveer Singh
Actress: Parineeti Chopra
Release Date: 14th November, 2014
Cast: Ranveer Singh, Ali Zafar, Parineeti Chopra, Govinda
Director: Shaad Ali
Producer: Aditya Chopra

The upcoming Hindi movie Kill Dil, that is scheduled to arrive at the theater halls on the 14th of November this year, has a combination of romance and action in its genre. The film is directed by Shaad Ali while Aditya Chopra is holding the title to its production, under the “Yash Raj Films” banner. The acclaimed star Govinda shall get casted with a negative role for the film. Other prime castings had been shouldered by Ranveer Singh, Ali Zafar and the cute Parineeti chopra, though Deepika padukone was initially considered in her slot.

The nomenclature to the film had been influenced by the Hollywood release of “Kill Bill” that witnessed some grand box office collection during 2003-2004.The movie shall have some exclusive indigenous feelings and essence as the majority of the shootings had been made in locations like Noida, NCR and spots from Maharashtra.

As per the director, this film is all about those tricks that the heart plays with the unsuspected victims of love. The screenplay, as per the claim of the director, shall not contain even an inch of extra body pounds and the audience shall definitely enjoy the right blending of emotion, passions and breathe stopping action sequences. The crew team is of the notion that tough the film had the ascetically influence of a Hollywood film, the treatment and the plot for the story shall be purely Indian and thus the audience can relate the incidents very closely with their respective selves. The finest grade of music that is a hallmark of the Yash Raj’s shall also continue in this latest release from their house. The musical trio of Shankar- Ehsaan-Loy had been entrusted to direct the music for this film.

The entire team seems to be very optimist and confident about the probable success that this film might meet.

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