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Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2: Agni Pariksha: Vidyut Jammwal touches on the sensitive topic with utmost honesty

Khuda Haafiz Chapter Movie Review :

Movie: Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2: Agni Pariksha
Director: Faruk Kabir
Cast: Vidyut Jammwal and Shivaleeka Oberoi
Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Actor Vidyut Jammwal is regarded as an action hero, but he will alter your entire opinion with Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 Agni Pariksha. This could be his best ever performance as a content actor, displaying the ideal balance of intensity and emotion.

A follow-up to Khuda Haafiz Chapter 2 of Khuda Haafiz Beginning with Nargis still experiencing flashbacks and being haunted by her past, Agni Pariksha shows Sameer doing everything in his power to help Nargis regain her rhythm and return to her regular self.

A friend asks Sameer for assistance with Nandini, a young child, after losing his brother and his entire family in a terrible accident. In the hopes that Nargis will open up to him, he lets the baby into his heart. Even though she was initially apprehensive, Nargis finds herself taking on motherly responsibilities, and Nandini and the couple now have something to strive for.

However, tragedy strikes Sameer and Nargis again very quickly when Nandini and another schoolgirl are kidnapped. Four boys, one of which is the grandson of Thakur JI (Sheeba Chaddha), a local thug/politician, viciously rape and kill Nandini while leaving the other girl to perish. Hence, the story unfolds.

Khuda Haafiz Chapter Review:

In addition to showing some extreme brutality, the movie also addresses some of the most pressing problems in our society, including the kidnapping and rape of young children, especially girls, the treatment of women, and the ways in which those in positions of authority find justifications for doing nothing.

Sheeba Chaddha, Rajesh Tailang, and Dibyendu Bhattacharya all stand out as brilliant performers who give the film the much-needed grip and direction in Khuda Haafiz 2.

Shivaleeka Oberoi is a surprise; the actress works her magic and successfully evokes sympathy. Last but not least, when our hero Vidyut sobs bitter tears of agony, you can’t help but feel for the tough guy on a personal level.

The soundtrack to the film is equally excellent; although most of the songs are situational, they are well-written, arranged, and performed. The background music is equally beautiful.


Faruk Kabir has built a compelling narrative and a realistic environment with Khuda Haafiz 2. We also assume that he is already preparing the trilogy based on how the second installment was concluded.

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