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EXCLUSIVE from KGF 2 Trailer Launch: Raveena Tandon & Sanjay Dutt speaks at the special event!

Recently, a huge trailer launch event of KGF Chapter 2 took place in Bangalore in the existence of the whole cast and crew of KGF. The ongoing show is been hosted by none other than Bollywood’s iconic filmmaker Karan Johar. KGF star Yash, Raveena Tandon, Sanjay Dutt and many others are present at the event.

Talking about the excitement towards the KGF release Raveena Tandon took over the podium firstly thanking all the media and fans for spreading so much love and support. Thanking the director of the film Raveena said, “I would start with thanking Vijay sir and of course, Prashant, the sweetest toughest and scariest director I have worked with. He is a thorough gentleman when he wants to be and he thorough terror when he wants to be with some people. So in fact I do a full Prashant act which I show my Mumbai friends someday. But it’s been wonderful Prashant working with you, I haven’t seen someone as dedicated as sincere and as wonderful you are.

Moving ahead, the actress went on crediting her co-stars, she said, ” I would like to thank Yash, Yash besides just being a rocking star you are, I think you are a rocking human being so be that. You are a fantastic person, we love you, my kids love you plus you as well your better half and you are with us. Thank u for just being what you are, thank you for also helping us feel so comfortable on the sets. It was just wonderful experience.”

“I would like to thank Vijay sir and Hombale Films for this opportunity and we wish you’ll all the best we are all in this together and I hope all goes well for all of us”, she added.

“Thank you Karan, thank you Farhan, thank you Ritesh, thank you Sanju my costar, thank you Bhuvan for this wonderful photography”, She concluded.

Thanking the cast and crew even Sanjay Dutt talked about it, he said, “I want to thank Yash for being such a super co-star my younger brother.Prashant thank you for making me Adheera and like Raveena said I know you are a tough guy i mean if I could feel it so y couldn’t Raveena”. Lastly adding to it he said, “Vijay sir, Karthik Bhuvan I love you’ll”

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