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Key safety measures the makers should consider before the Padmavat release

Despite the intervention of the Supreme Court to allow the film Padmavat to release in the different states like the UP, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Gujarat, the fringe groups remain the challenge for the makers. We still see the vandalism being reported a lot about the people agitating the film. At such a helm of an affair, it is obvious for the makers to embark upon certain preventive measurements to ensure that the audience enjoys a safe and secure kind of environment to enjoy the film. We hear certain politicians from the ruling party taking the law into their hands and leading the agitation which is likely to shape up in the ugliest fashion. So, let’s check some of the preventive measurements the makers should consider for a smooth sail of their movie:

Strict Law & Order

padmavati Strict Law & Order

Come this Thursday and the film Padmavat is all set to hit the theatres. With the film, the agitation against it is likely to become bad to worse. At such juncture, if the law and order ensures and declares their strict action against any undemocratic means of agitation, then it is likely to become a deterrent to the people who are planning to take the law into their hands.

No Politics Please

Much of the damage is wrecked by the politicians who with the intention to appease certain section of the society (the Rajputs) have remained the part and parcel of the agitation. However, the politicians can play a positive role by calling the people agitating to demonstrate with peaceful and democratic way. This can be an important preventive measure. The makers and the politicians can sit together to sort out the issue to have a smooth release of the film.

Wrapping up

There could be more such preventive measurements taken by the makers, while the above two could be some of the basic ones to be considered for a smooth sail of the movie. Do you have any other preventive measurements for the film, do share with us.

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