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Ketan Mehta

Ketan MehtaKetan Mehta Biography :

Born: 1952, Navsari
Spouse: Deepa Sahi
Siblings: Yatin Mehta, Nirad Mehta
Books: Bhavni bhavai
Awards :  ITA Award for Best Mini Series

There is some connection of this man with the upcoming movie called Rang Rasiya, what’s that? Well, yes Ketan Mehta is the director of this movie based on an legend artist and a class painter of his time called Ravi Raj. He is a known director of Bollywood movies and short documentaries along with TV serials since so many years. Born in Navsari based in Gujarat, he was brought up in different cities including mostly in New Delhi. He did his schooling from the known school called Sardar Patel Vidyalaya and later headed to FTII in Pune for learning direction and filmmaking.

As far as his personal life is concerned, he is married to the known actress called Deepa Sahi. The couple has worked together in several projects including promoting the institute called Maya Academy of Advance Cinematics. He is the nephew of Gandhain family and hails from a clan of freedom fighter Usha Mehta. His younger brother is a known doctor called Dr. Yatin Mehta who happens to be the chairperson of popular hospital based in Gurgaon called Medanta Institute of Critical Care and Anesthesiology, while his youngest brother too is a noted radiologist at Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai.

Now talking about his career, after graduating from the prestigious FTII Pune, he joined the esteemed group called ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) as a TV producer. During this job, he travelled all over the state to make different short films and documentaries, which he often called as one of the most incredible experience he had in his professional life. After spending for a couple of years, he thought of using his experience in filmmaking as an independent filmmaker. So, he left ISRO and started with making documentaries and short films, later went to direct TV serials including Captain Vyom and Mr. Yogi. Later moved to make and direct Bollywood movies. He is competent in handling a number of themes while making all types of movies including satire, comedy, romance, rebellion and violent.

His first movie was a Gujarati film called Bhavni Bhaval, which was applauded by all the camps of critics. His movie was even presented in a number of film festivals including at Moscow and France wherein it bagged a number of awards. Some of his successful ventures include Mirch Masala, which even gave him the Best Film Award based at Hawaii. It was released more than 50 screen in the United States and participated in different international film festival. Some of his other movies include Hero Hiralal, Maya Memsaab, Sardar, Mangal Pandey: The Rising, and the upcoming movie Rang Rasiya. His films Bhavni Bhaval and Sardar bagged the best Feature Film award at National Film Award, while he won all the major awards for his movies and documentaries.

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