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Big B apologizes to SRK on behalf of Jaya’s nonsensical” remark on HNY

Big B and SRK on HNY

Jaya Bachchan is known for speaking her mind be it public or private. However, it may cause harm in public though not in private. Perhaps this seems true in the case of Shah Rukh Khan when he was hurt by her nonsensical remark on his recently released movie Happy New Year. Jaya Bachchan was seen saying that Happy New Year is among the most nonsensical movie she had ever since in the recent time, which according to her she had even conveyed to the lead actors. As she said the same in the public platform hence it is obviously offended everyone connected to the movie.

Considering the offence, Big B was smart enough to understand the whole scenario and it was wise of him sending SRK an apology through a text message. The message said that his wife didn’t mean to insult the movie or SRK. According to Big B it was required considering the good round of applauds Jr. Bachchan has been getting for his character Nandu in HNY. As per reports, later both Jr Bachchan and his wife Aish visited SRK’s house Mannat to apologize, however, it was learnt that SRK didn’t even meet them though Gauri sat with the two to have a chat with them. Seems that SRK is badly hurt from the remarks of Jaya Bachchan.

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