Keep These 4 Products Handy to Apply Face Makeup Like a Pro

Venturing into the makeup world and feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of products? We understand how you feel! But don’t you worry because we are taking it back to the basics. You only need a bunch of makeup staples to build your makeup bag from scratch. Plus, you do not need mad makeup skills to use these products!


We have rounded-up few handy face products to help you ace your makeup look:

  • Foundation: Achieve a Flawless Base

Foundation is the key to attaining flawless looking skin (right after your skincare routine, of course!). But many people are afraid to wear foundation because they don’t want to look like they are wearing a mask. Well, that is a myth that needs to be debunked! With the right foundation for your skin type, it’s going to look amazing. Your skin will look refreshing and radiant! Applying a foundation helps to even out your skin tone. One essential aspect to remember when it comes to using foundation is that less is more! A simple and understated face product, a foundation is a must-have.

Tip: Apply foundation with a damp beauty sponge and blend it out nicely for that long-lasting smooth-velvety finish.

  • Compact & Finishing Powder: For a Quick-Fix

Out of all the face products, one that comes to your rescue when in need of a quick touch-up is a compact and finishing powder. Get an impeccable finish with this magical makeup product right after you apply foundation. A product for people always on-the-go; it also helps in controlling excess oil on the face. Smoothen and blur your skin and mattify your makeup. Do note that when you apply it, use it on your neck and other visible areas as well and not just on the face (for an even look). Otherwise, prepare yourself for a makeup fail with your face looking different than the rest of your body!

Tip: Blend the compact and finishing powder well to look picture-perfect and to avoid weird white marks on your face.

  • Blusher: Get a Glowing Look

For an instant lift up and a gorgeous youthful glow, a blusher is the queen of face products. Do not shy away from the blusher just because you don’t know how to apply it. You can begin by choosing a color that complements your skin tone. Go for subtle tones that add color to your face and sculpt your cheeks. The key to applying blusher correctly is the amount you use and where you apply. Choose a blusher stick and apply it with a light and a gentle hand. Using it in soft circular motions will help to blend out the color perfectly. And voila! You will look stunning in seconds!

Tip: Coral, peach, or light pink tones work well on light to medium skin tones. Deeper shades suit dusky skin well.

  • Highlighter: Add Sparkle and Shine

Be it a sudden lunch plan with co-workers or a night out with your gal pals, a highlighter is your savior. Apply this face product to transform your makeup and brighten its appearance. To get that perfect glow, you need to apply it to the right spots.

You’d want to use it on areas that the sun would naturally hit- your forehead, bridge of the nose, top of your cheekbones, and chin. When it comes to using a highlighter, it’s all about creating a natural look.

Tip: Dust the center of your eyelids with a touch of highlighter. It will help you achieve a wide-eyed look with a sensational pop.

With these face makeup essentials, you can enhance your naturally beautiful features anywhere and at any time! So, hop on to the makeup train and reach the ultimate makeup destination with reliable brands like SERY Cosmetics. Check out the entire collection of top-of-the-line face makeup products and start your makeup journey

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