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Kashmir’s trendsetting Entrepreneur Faheem Bhat reveals logo of new Venture Lieper Books

Lieper Books
Source : Lieper Books

Faheem Bhat the founder of Kashmir’s first and fast-growing self-publishing house went on his verified Instagram handle yesterday and teased a countdown to the official release of his new company’s logo.

Faheem Bhat had been involved in the development of his new venture since last year. Leaving slight hints about the new company’s name, maturing process along with the team members in a few posts and stories spread over many weeks.

The new venture which was kept secret and privy to only a few of the team members of the young
entrepreneur was finally bought into the public spotlight, with the revelation of the logo. Gathering from what Faheem had posted on his account his new company is most likely based in Mumbai.
Getting to know a little about the new venture, we had the chance to get Faheem on a call for a few

Tell us a Little about Lieper Books?

“Well I can’t say much about it right now Leiper Books is a platform for people who are in a way or other inclined towards books and other arts and we are doing some great stuff with the local bookstores too. LB is a platform where people can come and share ideas all while meeting other people like them and in the process, they support the local independent bookstores. We have a different take on the current one-dimensional profiles which we have right now on our social
I want to talk so much about it but I have a few reservations before the launch date but I can tell you this; we will revolutionize books and the reading culture and bring it up to date with the current times, mix it up with the technology which makes it more appealing and cooler to the modern-day person who prefers everything to be neat and efficient.

What is the story behind the logo?

‘Ha it’s a funny story, so I was reading this biography one day and the person the biography was about is involved in many nature documentaries and awareness programs, I got interested and started learning about all these marvelous little flying creatures we have in the world and then I came across this bird “Kookaburra” and it just clicked. As it happened, I was in the middle of the designing process and I just picked up the phone and told my designer if she could do something with this bird in mind and what she made was amazing and I instantly
loved it. We later on added some little details, like you can see the L and the B drawn in into the bird. So that’s how I got the idea for the logo.

When are we expecting the company to be launched?

There are a lot of things on my mind and the Covid resurgence is something I worry about right now. Our application in the meanwhile is in the testing phase and we are all working really hard so I think the middle of this year is something that seems probable to me right now.

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