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Karenjit Kaur, The untold story of Sunny Leone Trailer Review

Karenjit Kaur – Sunny Leone Biopic

The much awaited biopic film Karenjit Kaur, The untold story of Sunny Leone is back in news with its trailer this time. The trailer has propelled the buzz of the film in the media giving a decent watch over the silver screen. While looking at one of the sequences of the trailer, we see the hottie replying to one of the lady asking her name and she said that her name will be soon popular which will be hard to forget. And as days passed when she entered into the porn industry she made her life and name big getting all fame for the defame content. She then entered Bollywood to change not just her career as a mainstream actress but also added the fire in the industry with her glam and hot look.

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone
The film covers the life of the lady who has been known as  hot, glamorous, sizzling and alluring always mired in any controversy in one way or the other. Although a lot have been reported about her life and events not much is known about her earlier life and childhood. She is now the most Googled celebrity in India even beating the Indian PM who claims to be a popular man. The director Aditya Datt embarks upon the unfiltered tale of the lady which is vividly seen in the trailer that you would probably going to binge watch on the series.
Sunny Leone's 'Biopic' Trailer
Sunny Leone’s ‘Biopic’ Trailer
As you check the trailer you find an under confident and petrified lady called Sunny Leone trying to find solace in a pristine white robe, which was perhaps her first adult photo shoot. As the scene progresses, she sheds the robe but the fear remains that soon turned a talk of the town. Soon we see a grown up Sunny Leone who is a celebrity in B Town. The film covers all the moments of her life for which she has remained unapologetic, which somewhere is seen in the trailer as well. In a sense, Sunny as a lady who is uninhibited, fearless and unapologetic which you can make out easily with the trailer. So, do you have to say anything about the trailer or about the former porn star, please comment on the same.

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