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Kareena Kapoor praises Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy; “for her to be embracing motherhood…”

Alia Bhatt‘s pregnancy has become the headline of the day. After barely 2.5 months of marriage, Alia has become well-known due to the news of her pregnancy. The sister-in-law, Kareena Kapoor, also spoke about this at the same moment. During the Laal Singh Chaddha campaign, Kareena Kapoor was asked about her sister-in-law Alia’s pregnancy. Where Kareena has given a befitting reply.

In a conversation with Pinkvilla, Kareena praises Alia Bhatt and says, “She doesn’t need advice for anything. I think that she is the finest actor that has happened in the last decade and for her to be embracing motherhood you know at such a young age, and to choose to do that. She is such a brave actor and such a brave person. It’s the most normal thing, and you know she is possibly going to continue this great run of her career because she is supremely talented. And that’s what, you need to have conviction in your own self and that is the most important thing,”.

A few days back there were reports that Kareena is expecting her third baby. Where Kareena gave a befitting reply to this matter on her social media as well. Talking about this, “I wouldn’t bother, but I wanted to have fun with it because the picture was morphed. I was like ‘Oh my God, I look like I was six months pregnant’. But I was like, ‘Ok let’s use this and have some fun’. You know I was on holiday, and everyone knows the kind of person I am. I am very open, and if I was pregnant I am the first one… both my pregnancies, I have flaunted anyway. I have worked throughout it. I have laughed and lived through it. So I just found it very funny, so that’s why I did that,” Kareena Kapoor Khan shares.

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