Friday, December 3, 2021
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Karan Johar Becomes Father to Twins

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You heard it right; the popular Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar on Sunday announced that he has become a father to twins. Yes via surrogacy who he now calls as his world and priority. He named the daughter as Roohi — a rearrangement of Karan’s mother’s name Hiroo and the son has been christened Yash — on Karan’s late father’s name. In a statement, Karan said: “I am ecstatic to share with you all the two most wonderful additions to my life, my children and lifelines; Roohi and Yash. “I feel enormously blessed to be a parent to these pieces of my heart who were welcomed into this world with the help of the marvels of medical science.”

He further said, “In order to arrive at this decision, I have prepared myself mentally, physically, emotionally and logistically to ensure that my children get all the unconditional love, care and attention from me and mine. “I have submitted to the fact that my children are my world and priority.” In his book “An Unsuitable Boy”, Karan had expressed a desire to adopt a child or opt for surrogacy.

The 44-year-old filmmaker, who keeps travelling around the world, understands that having children would mean that “work, travels and social commitments would have to take a back seat”. “I am prepared for that”, Karan said, adding: “By the grace of God, I have the most caring and supportive mother who will be an integral part in the up-bringing of her grandchildren and of course, friends who are family.”

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