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OMG: Ranveer Singh Kicked his Photographer Friend a Kick, Check Netizens reactions

Actor Ranveer Singh recently made headlines for his unusual behavior at an event. In a video that went viral on social media, Ranveer can be seen playfully kicking one of his friends. The video of kicking his photographer friend Rohan Sreshtha.

While some fans found the incident amusing and light-hearted, others criticized the actor for his behavior, calling it inappropriate and disrespectful. The incident has sparked a debate on social media, with many netizens expressing their mixed reactions to Ranveer’s actions. Check the post:


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The video shows Ranveer dressed in a funky outfit, with his friend standing next to him. As they pose for the cameras, Ranveer suddenly kicks his friend in a playful manner, causing him to lose his balance. While some fans found the incident funny and praised Ranveer’s sense of humor, others criticized him for his behavior.

Many netizens on social media have expressed their disappointment at Ranveer’s actions, stating that such behavior is not acceptable, especially in a professional setting. Some have called him out for his lack of respect towards his friend and the event.

However, some fans have come to the actor’s defense, stating that the incident was harmless and playful, and should not be taken too seriously. They argue that Ranveer is known for his quirky and fun-loving personality, and such behavior is expected from him.

Talking about his work, you can check the updates from the following tweet: 

While some have found the incident amusing and light-hearted, others have criticized the actor for his behavior.

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