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The Kapil Sharma Show Review

The Kapil Sharma Show Review

Too Early to Judge the Book by Checking Its Cover

Kapil Sharma is no more an unknown name in comedy world. At one time, he was rejected for the show Comedy Circus but later roped in winning the title itself. Starting small, the man of humor has taken a huge leap from being called as a king of comedy to getting a film as a main lead to his show at Colors doing wonders and the list goes on. Lately, he was seen exiting from the popular show making loads of headlines for the controversy. Now, he has a brand new show on Sony TV called The Kapil Sharma Show, which opened up with a live show having Shah Rukh Khan as their first guest in New Delhi. Let’s dig in deep into the show and get the crux of the same:

At one go, the first episode of the TKSS seemed nothing but an extended trailer of the show rather appearing to be the real one. The live show at New Delhi having SRK as its first guest managed to survive thanks to the presence of King Khan. In fact, the show makers need to thank to his Main Na Hoon Na thing that helped Kapil to go fine on the first day of his show. Kapil Sharma had been busy promoting his show in different cities including his hometown Amritsar, Lucknow, Delhi and Bhopal so when he finally came with his first episode in Delhi with SRK at the center; it appeared nothing but an extension of his show. In a sense the first episode was seen faltering on the board but it was the presence of SRK that helped him to swim over the water otherwise, it was destined to sink.

Too Many Fans and so was the Chaos

The very first episode opened gates for the people to join Kapil Sharma with SRK at the center, which witnessed pouring in loads of people and fan at the venue. Perhaps this was more to prove that Kapil Sharma and his team are more popular despite leaving Colors. This is the reason the stadium appeared jam-packed with the die-hard fans of both SRK and Kapil Sharma. This gave enough opportunities to the makers of the show to make the show more interacting than one man show. The fans of both the stars – The King Khan and Comedy King seemed competing with each other, some with the rolling tears, while the others swooning over their idol. Amidst all this, the show appeared with loads of chaos with hardly any gag remaining to entertain.

Confusion in the Show – Who’s playing what – nobody knows

Though Kapil Sharma was introduced the lead cast stars including Navjot Singh Sidhu to the audience, yet the audience found it confusing as to who is playing which role in it. Ali who was introduced as a father was later seen in a Begum role, while Kiku was seen playing Nawab and Sunil Grover who is known for female roles played the character of a lady constable. However, in the very next show, which seemed usual with Tiger and Shraddha as their guest had something other to play.

 Stale homor from Kapil But SRK saved the Show

Kapil Sharma was seen cracking a number of jokes including some on the CM of Delhi, but except the few none of them seemed new and interesting. With so many typical and boring jokes coming from Kapil and his team, the stage came when audience literally felt like having a break though the TV audience had this option the real one didn’t. But thanks to SRK who was present there and managed to take the audience with his wit and great sense of humor. All the acts of SRK with the different characters of the show including Kapil Sharma really went impressive and entertained the audience better than the way Kapil tried to do. Kiku and Ali Asgar were okay but the characters of Sumona and Chandan failed to impress the audience. Sidhu unlike the previous had least to do rather sitting in a nice attire and one line shero shayari.

Last Word

Comparing the first live show with SRK and second episode with Tiger and Shraddha, there is much difference. This is just the start but it seems to have to come with great confusion. Frankly, the show fails to impress and appeared to be yet another show from Kapil, which was not expected as he switched to the other comedy show. The initial two episode of the new show from Kapil Sharma seems to be still the cover of a book, hence it would be too early to judge them. However, as of now, the show will take some time to get things clear but on the face of it, it remained unimpressive.

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