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Kapil Sharma Clashing with Salman Khan for the Promos

Kapil Sharma Clashing with Salman Khan

Tell me, who don’t want to get popular around the globe? Who doesn’t want fame? Who doesn’t want a big name? many more questions that purely explores only those questions which are totally on the basis of, to get a position. Wherein you’re known by each n every person around the globe isn’t? But as it is well said, ‘The More We Get The Name n Fame, The More We Are Criticize by The People Around The Globe’. The same way goes with two renowned celebs of Bollywood namely ‘Salman Khan and Kapil Sharma let’s get more dipper on to the topic of discussion.

The news is moving like this, do you remember the movie ‘Hero’ which is rolling all over the theaters since a week? And most importantly which is govern by the productions of ‘Salman Khan’. If you know about the same, then surprisingly it’s actually the root cause of the entire problem, which clashing between the two celebs. As per the sources it is said that, our beloved star was about to go for the promotions of the movie in Kapil Sharma’s reality show i.e.Comedy Nights with Kapil but mean while he suddenly decided to go for the promotions in ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ which is the latest series of comedy show.

And what after that, this decision took Kapil to a level of hatred. The fire of his hatred was not only limited to his minds but it started grabbing some negative waves and as of now, if we move along with the sources then it is said that the comedian is ready to promote his rolling cum sizzling show with either limited or none in number of Bollywood celebrities.

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