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I love my Industry and wanting to make a comeback in every possible way.” RAJAT BEDI

Rajat bedi

Q.1 You’ve been away from the big screen for a while now is it a conscious effort ?

Ans : Yes it has been a conscious effort as I was not too happy with the way my film career was going, and I got a  wonderful  business opportunity so I took a pause and perused my financial dreams.

Q.2. Your show Lajwanti has been generating quite and excitement in the TV circuit your thoughts on that?

Ans : It is exciting to know there is lot of curiosity and excitement in the TV circuit.  I too am very nervous as this is my first experience as a producer and I have been nurturing this production for the past nine months and on September 28, 2015 finally I will see my baby whom I have cared for and given my heart and soul will be showcased worldwide.  I have been fortunate to be working on a story that has been written by my grandfather late Rajinder Singh Bedi  and also it is my grandfather’s 100 birth century in addition to that it is also the first time that I have got an opportunity to work with my brother and sister, so this show means the world for me.

Q 3: We hear you’ve shifted to Canada why? Don’t you miss Mumbai ?

Ans : Yes I have shifted to Canada, Vancouver, but it was not a planned decision it just happened, I was not very happy with my film career and perused my financial dreams that’s what took me to Canada.
I miss Mumbai a lot and my heart & soul has always been here and will always be.  I miss being a part of film the industry and miss my friends and family too.

Q 4. What’s you next as an actor?

Ans :  I have been fortunate to get a big south film opposite a super star call “Darshan” the name of the film is “Jaggu Dada”, the film is under Production and will be releasing early next year.  I have also signed on two big Bollywood films which will be rolling shortly.

Q 5: Is working with your sister Ila who is also the co-producer difficult or is it easier working with family?

Ans: It is extremely difficult working with my sister as it is a home production and expectation are very high and she is a perfectionist so meeting her expectation on the story she is writing is very very challenging but eventually the product is a beautiful, she has put her heart and soul into it and always wants to maintain a high standard of quality over quantity, so yes, it is very scary working with her, but at the same time it is very heart warming and emotional as I have my brother and sister, so called family working under the same roof.

Q7: You seem as fit as earlier what’s your fitness mantra?

Ans:  Fitness is as much about your mind as it is about your body. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep at a fitness routine if your mind is in a constant negative feedback loop. Workout is the part of my livelihood and very conscious what I eat and drink avoid late nights work out for me is a must.

Q.8 Do we soon see you producing films as well or for now it’s TV alone you’re concentration on?

Ans: Yes I have been co-producing films under the banner DALMORA Entertainment which is my Canadian company. In this company we have co-produced “Punjab 1984” and “Sardarji” both have been very extremely successful and  going forward for the next year –  We are planning three big Punjabi films Sardarji II, Angrez II, Jutt & Juliet III.  Going forward we are also looking at some Bollywood projects and on discussion stage.

Q9: How do you manage the travel between Canada and Mumbai as one’s home and ones work?

Ans: This year I have travelled 6-7 times between Canada & India it’s become a joke. It’s like traveling from Delhi to Mumbai.  But the fact is I love traveling and I have my real estate development in Canada and Entertainment business in India so it’s  very important for me to be on the move going forward my full focus is on Producing Films & T.V and reinstating my acting career.

Q 10. Do you miss being as active as earlier in the Industry?

Ans: Yes I miss being in the Industry as I am the third generation in the business wanting to keep the Bedi Flagship alive, also after doing forty films being recognized world over consequently meeting people and being asked the same question, That why I am not seen on the big screen and the burning desire to act kills me. I love my Industry and wanting to make a comeback in every possible way.

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