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Kantara Movie Review, Release Date, Cast List, Ratings: Rishabh Shetty

New Kantara Kannada Movie Story 

Kantara begins in the 18th century with the king giving a piece of land to the villagers in exchange for happiness and peace. And this tradition has to be carried forward according to the promise. After some years, the descendants of the king have problems with the land given to the villagers. Descendants come to the Bhoot Kola (traditional dance in honor) and threaten to return the land to the tribals. But he dies tragically.

After a leap of 20 years is shown, forest officer Murli (Kishore) wants to end superstition and save the forest from the villagers. Shiva (Rishabh Shetty) is a hot-headed henchman who stands up to save the entire village from trouble. Meanwhile, Leela Shiva ki Seema (Saptami Gowda) is appointed as a forest guard in her village after her training, but she is torn between her work and her ideals. The landlord Devendra (Achyuth Kumar) helps the village but has something else on his mind.

Will Shiva save his villagers from all this, will Leela be able to help him? 

What are Devenra’s intentions behind helping the villagers?

Apart from Directing and Writing Rishabh Shetty will also be seen in the lead role in the film and this gave us a chance to discover his talent. Kantara stands on a promising note and the way Rishabh has portrayed every character makes him stand out in the crowd. In my view, the film will not disappoint you at all and the story will surprise you.

The story makes us focus intentionally on Shiva and Murali while we learn about the purposes of Devendra Suttur. 

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Kantara Movie Review 2022:

Movie: Kantara 

Director: Rishab Shetty

Cast:  Rishab Shetty, Sapthami Gowda, Manasi Sudhir, Kishore, Achyuth Kumar, Pramod Shetty, Deepak Rai Paanaaje

Runtime: 2h 30m

Kantara Release Date: 30 September 2022

Kantara Movie Rating: RatingRatingRatingRating 4.9/5 (IMDB – 9.5/10)

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Kantara Movie Official Trailer:

Kantara Movie Review: Music

The music is quite outstanding, and its experience in the theater is even more interesting. You will be mesmerized by the beats of the music. Kudos to Ajaneesh Loknath for this.

Star performance: 

Everyone’s performances were very good and realistic. There should definitely be standing claps for everyone’s performance.

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Direction/ Screenplay of Kantara Kannada Movie:

The film, directed by Rishabh Shetty, presents us with a new plot. The story of the movie was very interesting and it was a bit terrifying for me to watch it sitting in the dark. When Shiva felt God suddenly coming in front of him, our feet were slipping on the ground.

Kannada Kantara Movie Verdict:

It was a new experience for me, I have probably never seen any performer before but now I have become a fan of them all. The film makes us fill God’s Powers and no one can go against him. 

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