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Kangana Ranaut on the Track of Aamir Khan Finally Boycott All Awards

kangana ranaut

Chilling winter isn’t? Surely you’ll must be caught in the pleasant hot sweater and jackets, but I bet even if you are avoiding those but we promise to keep you hot n entertaining with the latest updates on Bollywood. Can you guess what spinning this time from the title? Yes, it’s the hot n gorgeous Kangana Ranaut who’s seems to be taking a turn in her career but on the track of our favorite Aamir Khan– A well-known renowned personality who always used to avoid the award functions and we are familiar with the explanatory for this avoidance. But, hold the fire doesn’t end with this as the cutest celeb Kangana now turned out to be with the same attitude like ‘Aamir’ – As per the sources.

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