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200 Crore for PK : Turning Out To Be the Snappiest Grosser of 2014

pk 200 crore

A year 2014 which is on its peak to be vanished somewhere in the air, soon we’ll be turning our calendars to the impending year 2015 isn’t? But, surely not the memorable dreams that we have received from 2014, those special memories have taken a strong corner in our heart especially when it comes to Bollywood. Talking about some of the movies then, the movie which is still rolling all over the B town, even in the mind of some fans as well, but for now the movie has taken a way that even the makers of Pk haven’t dreamed off before. Indeed, what you read is exactly true, have a glance on what we are freezing about..

A damn hilarious movies of the year 2014, Tis none other than ‘Pk featuring some of our crazy loving stars like the most attractive, loving, renowned and last but not the least the perfectionist ‘Aamir Khan, the sizzling actress ‘Anushka Sharma, our Sanju bhai one n only Sanjay Dutt n few more. These characters were like sparking all over the movie isn’t?, and if we talk about the pre-release of the movie then, we are quite familiar with the promos, album release n all, but still no one would have ever guessed that the future of the movie. But, now it seems like the magic of perfectionist is rolling amongst the fans to achieve something different in the box office collection and guess what the movie has grabbed a huge balance in the box office with 200Crores in just 9 days!!! With this figure, just imagine how hunger the ‘Pk’ movie is? Let’s see whether this hunger continues for the collection for long or not?..

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