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Kangana Ranaut Responds to Supporters of the Security Personnel Who Slapped Her; Questions if They ‘Condone Rape or Murder’

In a surprising turn of events earlier this week, Kangana Ranaut was slapped by a security personnel at Chandigarh airport, and the news has been spreading like wildfire. While many celebrities showed their support for the actress-turned-politician, others sided with the personnel, citing the impact of Ranaut’s stance during the farmer’s protest on the officer’s family. However, Kangana took to social media to express her disagreement with those who supported the security officer.In a lengthy note shared on the platform X (also known as Twitter), Kangana compared the act of slapping to rape and murder, asserting that any form of assault on one’s body is a crime.

She wrote, “Every rapist, murderer, or thief always has a strong emotional, physical, psychological, or financial reason to commit a crime. No crime ever happens without a reason, yet they are convicted and sentenced to jail.”She continued, “If you align yourself with the strong emotional impulse of a criminal to commit a crime, violating all laws of the land, remember that if you are okay with intruding into someone’s intimate space, touching their bodies without their permission, and assaulting them, then deep down, you are also okay with rape or murder because they involve penetration or stabbing. It’s just a big deal.
You must introspect your psychological tendencies towards criminal behavior. I suggest you take up yoga and meditation, or else life will become bitter and burdensome. Don’t carry so much grudge, hate, and jealousy. Free yourself.”Amid these claims, a video allegedly surfaced in which the actress-turned-politician was seen refusing to pass her mobile phone through the security check, which seemed to have upset the security guards. Furthermore, it is being said that the video also showed Kangana pushing the officer, but there is no evidence of her being slapped. Following the incident, Kangana took to social media to share her account of how she was slapped by the female officer.

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