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Rakhi Sawant slams Kangana Ranaut for commenting on Salman Khan

Kangana Ranaut has been making headlines for a variety of reasons since announcing her next controversial reality program Lock Upp. The Queen actress debuted the first Lock Upp trailer a few days ago, in which she was seen talking about nearly anything. Kangana Ranaut had bared it all, from nepotism to comparing the program to Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss.

However, it looks like Kangana Ranaut’s remark on Bigg Boss and Salman Khan has upset Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi has lambasted the Tanu Weds Manu actress for her statement about Dabangg Khan, who was just a part of Bigg Boss’ 15th season. She even admitted to Kangana that she had previously misused the film business, but that she had now returned to work in the profession.

Slamming Kangana Ranaut, Rakhi said in a video, uploaded by Leheren, “Mujhe bahut bura laga jab Kangna ane kaha, ‘Yeh Tumhare Bhai Ka Ghar Nahi Hai’. Behen, suno, itne time se bhai hi show chala rahe hain. Tumme dum hai to ek show chala ke dikhao. I think Bhai me dum hai, behen me nahin hai (I felt really bad when Kangana said, ‘This is not your Bhai’s house’. Listen, sister, Bhai has been running the show for so long. If you have the guts, try running one show. I think Bhai has the guts, sister doesn’t).”


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 Rakhi also criticized Kangana Ranaut for taking a dig at the industry. She told her, “Tum to Bollywood ko bahut gaaliyan de rahi thi, ab vaps laut kar aa gayi. Isliye kehte hain, gaaliyan mat do Bollywood ko, tumhe aankhir Bollywood ki hi zaroort padegi. (You were abusing Bollywood and now, look you have returned here. That’s why it is said that one shouldn’t abuse Bollywood, you would need it at the end of the day.)”

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