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The Kangana Email Saying ‘I Love You’ to Hrithik Finally Comes out


With every single passing day, the Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Row seems becoming uglier and bad. Thanks to the number of revelations being made by each camps about his and her opponents. In the recent statement when the lawyers of the Greek God Actor –HR said that he will remain strong against Kangana we have the email conversation coming out by the Tanu Wed Manu actress to the Bang Bang Actor. As Hrithik has handed over his laptop to Mumbai Police, there are certain images of email communication that have surfaced in the media, which shows how the actress has said I Love You to him. She was seen saying that if one fine day Hrithik will stop loving Kangana then it would be a very difficult situation to overcome by her. The lawyer of Hrithik has submitted to the police more than 40 email communications of Kangana to Hrithik. These emails have been mailed to the personal ID of Hrithik by Kangana after 24th May 2014. Time to have a look at these email communications date wise by Kangana as under:

17th August 2014

She wrote that at times she feel very much unsure about a number of things in her life. Do we really have love in our lives or it is mere a fantasy. She further wrote, whether she is speaking to any real person or any imaginary person. She further said whether Hrithik Roshan will ever come out to her and express his love to him and what if you deny expressing his love to her then how would she be able to come out from this situation.

Some Days Later

She wrote that she saw His song and is excellent, however, she feels sorry for what she has written earlier and later requested not to mind her words. She then said that she is very sad as they are not able to meet and talk. She then informed that she has aspersion syndrome and that she is affected by the same by 98 percent, which has made her tensed.

3rd September 2014

She then mailed that the way she has mailed to him and not finding any reply from him is troublesome.

4th October 2014

She then wrote that the moment she wakes up, she gets her laptop to google him to find his new picture, new interview and other news about him just to make a good start of the day. She then said that wish she could meet him one day and start her day by talking in the morning.

9th October 2014

She wrote, its good that you didn’t pick my phone, I don’t what I would had said to you since I had not called up to just say Hi. I have many questions in my mind and I love you jaan.

1st November 2014

She wrote- I am ready

2nd November 2014

She wrote that she likes Hrithik a lot and glad that she met him. She then said she waited for 30 minutes near SRK residence as there was huge crowd near his place of his fans. She further said, she like him a lot and feels very nervous when she meets him. She called him alluring and said that she can go conscious if he kisses me or touches me. She then said she likes such kinds of feelings she has for him.

13th November 2014

She wrote to him, when you will shift to your new home, I will decorate your kitchen and other places. I want to this on my own and for this I need a staff for this so let’s start interviewing them. I am really excited about the same and would love to do this.

Hrithik Roshan Didn’t Reply  to these emails

Though there was no reply from Hrithik Roshan to these emails yet Kangana claimed the Hrithik has replied a lot to her and has written too many emails to her. As her the actress, Hrithik has done more than 100 emails to her, but nothing came out from the cyber cell investigation. Amidst all its seems to appear that it is a one way affair and if we remember, it was Hrithik Roshan who has sent a number of legal notices to Kangana about the entire controversy.

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