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Kamal Rashid Khan (KRK)

kamal r khan bioKamal R Khan Biography :

Born: January 1, 1975
Age : 39
Height : 5.4
Birthplace : Deoband

Kamal is rather known as a controversy king on social media apart from being an actor of Bollywood, producer and writer. He hails from Deoband, Dist- Saharanpur (U.P), however, was raised up in New Delhi. He did his schooling from Deoband, while completed his college from New Delhi. Since his childhood he was keen in acting thus kept on trying his luck in theatre and later got the chance to do Bhojpuri film, which helped him to establish as a regional movies actor of Bihar. For being controversial, he was given the chance to participate in a popular TV show called Bigg Boss. Though he was nominated for the eviction in the third week but finally was kicked out from the show owing to his ruthless and violent behaviour for the house mates.

He was even reported abusing Rohit Verma and was seen throwing a water bottle on him, which eventually hit Shamita Shetty. Also, he had fight with the comedian Raju Srivastav. He then headed to Mumbai and produced the film called Deshdrohi under his own production banner, however, it was banned by the state government on the concerns of riots. He was seen making derogatory remarks movie, which brought him in a big controversy. As a film producer, his first movie was a Bhojpuri film called Munna Pandey Berozgaar.

As said above, he has been referred as a king of controversies. Time and again he is involved in making absurd and rude kind of remarks over a number of Bollywood stars and others. Recently, he was making headlines of having a spat with Sonakshi Sinha for his statement of Parineedhi Chopra and Deepika Padukone. He was even reported making tweets about Shah Rukh Khan this year after the general elections when Modi won the elections and sworn in as the Indian Prime Minister. He said that he is leaving the country and Twitter though SRK will not do so, giving a wrong impression about Shah Rukh Khan and confusion in the society. Later SRK has to come out and clarify that he is away from this rot man and has nothing to do with Modi or his win.

Similarly, he was seen speaking rude about Mahesh Bhatt’s movie wherein he called his movie a big flop. He also gave weird and rude reviews to Dhanush the south Indian actor for his movie Raanjhana over YouTube. Later a group of actors from Bollywood approached the court demanding a ban on this man. He is constantly seen making headlines on many actresses and actors including the former porn star- Sunny Leone called her obscene and vulgar. She then lodged an FIR complaining that the Deshdrohi actor has mentally and emotionally harassed the model and actress of B Town.

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