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Kabali Motion Teaser: Unfolding the Excitement of Fans by Ageing Don!


‘One Man Army’ in the entire globe, a star or may be called as a godfather of his fans are ready for a venture to smash the floors in Rajinistyle. Yes, we are talking about the star that’s known as a warrior in the film industry none other than Rajinikanth and guess what now he’s coming up with his stunning cum grooving style just for his fans in his looming movie Kabali. Despite by the fact that the construction is already on the run by Pa. Ranjith but still the release date is yet to be on the floor however just to hike the level of excitement amongst the crazy fans, the maker have now come up with the glamorous motion teaser of the movie.

Nevertheless, the teaser has some explainable gestures that can’t be expressed in any way, on the other hand adding some lights on the teaser then here you can catch the fab actor Rajinikanth, is gathering a toughest attention by his ageing style of don, holding up a revolver with a fearless expression on his face. Sounds something really exciting isn’t? So why don’t you try to look into this over here..

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