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Akshay Kumar’s Fan Punched at Airport: Star Warns Bodyguard and Apologised to Victim

As far as Bollywood is concerned people are actually crazy like anything but when this craziness reaches to a level of enthusiasm for a fan then we can’t even predict what will be the result of it. Well a perfect example of this was seen a couple of days back, when one of the innocent fan of our renowned Bollywood star ‘Akshay Kumar’ was accident punched by his personal bodyguard, while he was excited to click a selfie with his loving fan at Mumbai Airport. The video went viral like anything all over the globe for no reason, nevertheless if we talk about the star at the time of incident then as per the sources he turned around after a while just because of some voice however he was totally unaware of the accident which happened unknowingly.

Well said ‘It’s Never too late for an Apology’ in the same way when the star taken into account about the incident with his fan, his reaction was something like you can read here..” What happened that day was unfortunate and uncalled for. I was at the airport and I heard a commotion which made me turn around, I didn’t notice anything wrong so I walked on. It was later brought to my notice that my bodyguard had punched a fan. I have reprimanded him and given him a strict warning for the same. My sincere apology to the fan who was hurt. I hold my fans in the highest regard and such incidents are always upsetting. I will ensure such a scenario is avoided in the future.” – The star added on Twitter.

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